Saturday, July 18, 2009

General Young Earth Creationist views

Here is a list of general view from a young earth perspective:

Religion- Theism
Prominent believers - Henry Morris, Ken Ham, John Mark Reynolds
Miracles - Many throughout history.
Evolution - Variations within limit, might be willing to accept microevolutionary views, but certainly not macro.
Age - Universe and earth usually thousands of years old. Upper limit would be 50,000 years, while most would hold a 10,000 or less scenario.
Human evolution - Adam and Eve are the literal first humans. Agreement with old earth perspective here.
Genesis account - Take it as literal as possible. Six, 24-hour days of creation. Creation days are the same as our days.
Science/Theology - Theology trumps science. Some would say that we always need to be wary of science.

  • Bowman, Robert, Scripture: Outline studies in Authority, Cannon, and Criticism, p. 45

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