Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Age of the Earth (Part 2)

The age of the earth is composed of various views as to how Genesis one should be interpreted. The young earth approach has basically only one view called the Plain-Day view. The six days of creation are believed to be a literal 24 hour time period for each day. Based on the six 24 hour days and the genealogical record, the age of the earth must therefore be 6 to 10,000 (some will go up to 50,000) years old. The Plain-Day view is held by Martin Luther, Henry Morris and Ken Ham.

The old earth(progressive creationism) interpretation has a myriad of of views as to how Genesis one is to be viewed. There are three approaches taken on this view: Partial Creation approach, Long-Day approach and the Non-Literal approach. The next blog will consider the various approaches of the Progressive Creationism view.*

* Bowman, Robert, Outline Studies in Authority, Cannon, and Criticism, P. 59

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