Thursday, July 16, 2009

General Darwinian evolutionary views

Below is a list of some general characteristics of a typical Darwinian view:

Religious view- Atheism(no God exists) or Pantheism (everything is god).
Prominent believers - Carl Sagan, Albert Einstein, Richard Dawkins.
Miracles - Zero (Miracles are non-existent).
Evolution - Panevolution (All has evolved by purely mechanist/naturalistic means).
Age - Universe is billions of years old (some would say it is eternal and others might say there are multiple universes in existence).
Human Evolution - Certainly by Darwin's mechanistic process (organic humans came from inorganic material).
First Humans - Who knows?, no Adam and Eve.
Genesis account - A myth without merit.
Science/Theology - Science tells us the truth (reality), whereas theology is only belief without the ability to give us truthful knowledge.

* Bowman, Robert, Scripture: Outline studies in Authority, Cannon, and Criticism, p. 45

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