Monday, July 13, 2009

Age of the Earth (Part 5)

The final approach to be considered on the Earth's age is the Non-Literal Approach. The one view that typifies this approach is called the Figurative Day approach. This view was supported by early church leaders such as Origen and Augustine. This view simply states that the six creation days are figurative. The days of creation were conveying spiritual truths of God's creation and are not meant to be taken as literal days.

A second view within the Non-Literal approach is called the Framework Hypothesis. This view holds that the orderly creation days are accurate and the six days are only figurative. This view is held by Charles Hummel and Meridith G. Kline. The last view to be considered is the Cosmological View. Karl Barth is one who supported this view. This view states that the six days are religious and theological statements about creation, in order to rival pagan myths.

* * Bowman, Robert, Scripture: Outline studies in Authority, Cannon, and Criticism, P. 59

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