Saturday, October 3, 2009

What kind of God?

People's idea of God is many times hindered by their own creation of who God can be. For example, Bart Ehrman, who is the head of the religious department of the University of North Carolina and a skeptic can't fathom how Jesus could be raised from the dead. According to him, dead people don't rise, so therefore miracles are out of the question. In other words, only naturalistic explanations will suffice. He is following in the same path of the philosopher David Hume, who himself would not concede that miracles are even possible.

C.S. Lewis once commented on an individual that stated, "I can believe in a God all right, but what I can not swallow is the idea of Him attending to several hundred million human beings who are all addressing Him at the same moment."* To be honest, I can't fathom that either,If I could, God wouldn't be God, would He?

We live in a time today where more and more individuals craft their own God in their image. For the atheist, their God is the natural world, because how could the supernatural exist? For many who call themselves Christian, their God is sometimes crafted according to their own personal beliefs. If you don't like Hell, well then the God of Pluralism is for you. If you like to promote abortion or homosexuality and still call yourself a Christian, then the God of this world is for you (John 8:42-47). So the question becomes, what kind of God do you serve?

* C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity, Ch. 3, P. 145

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