Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The burden of proof

A new article* by Gary Habermas highlights the hypocrisy of a group referred to as the new atheist. The new athiest are called so because of their almost evangelistic passion for the atheist worldview. Some of the major players in the movement include: Christopher Hitchens, who wrote a book called "God is not great," Richard Dawkins, who penned "The God delusion" and Sam Harris who's book is called "Letter to a Christian nation." Although, I have not read the books, Habermas does an excellent job of critiquing the books of Harris and Hitchens (see link below).

I have noticed a common thread that runs through every person who calls himself an atheist, the arguments for the atheist worldview simply do not exist. Harris tries to dodge the fact of the atheist worldview by saying that atheism is a non-worldview because it denies the existence of God, but as Habermas points out, "The truth is that all views have an agenda, atheism included," and that is exactly the point. Atheism has strong views, especially the new atheist', as to how thing are in the world, but there is a void of any explanation or argumentation as to why atheism should be accepted as the best explanation.

This brings me to the central point of the new or old atheist. If you are willing to tell the world how things really are, especially with the passion of the new atheist, then you better be ready to defend your view. The fact of the matter is, the atheist' has nothing of substance, as far as arguments go, to hang his hat on. Again, if you want to tell other how this universe works, you better be ready to give specific evidence to that means. Pete Townsend, of "The Who," once wrote, "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss," and like the lyrics of Townsend, the new atheist offers no evidence as to why anyone should accept the atheistic worldview. If the new atheist wants to be taken seriously, then they must assume the burden of proof as the Christian apologist does for the Christian worldview.

* http://www.garyhabermas.com/articles/J_Evangelical_Theological_Soc/habermas_JETS_Plight_of_new_atheism_critique.htm

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