Friday, October 16, 2009

Arguments against God - 1

In the June, 2009 Belief section of the Houston Chronicle, Ron the realist gives 5 reason why someone should not believe in God. His first reason is, "the steady increasing naturalistic explanations," which use to be attributed to supernaturalism, such as lightning and the rising of the sun. Let's think about this; does this prove that God does not exist? Absolutely not, for any one can see that this is not even close to an argument. It seems to me Ron should change his name to "Ron the worshiper of naturalism without a clue of how to present an intelligent argument against the Creator of the universe."

There is great evidence of design in the universe today. In fact, I would say that science is doing more to support the case that the universe is the product of a Designer, than the contrary. Ron's view is that science will answer all questions, but this in itself is not an argument. This "science of the gaps" view does nothing to argue against the existence of God. Science, today is actually revealing more of how the universe was designed, as opposed to contradicting the existence of God. The design evidence for the existence of God is so powerful today that one the the most prominent atheist (Anthony Flew) converted to Theism (belief in God) due to the scientific evidence alone. The bottom line is that Ron's first argument against God is actually not an argument at all, but special pleading.

* Houston Chronicle, Belief section, June 26, 2009

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