Thursday, October 22, 2009

Arguments against God - 2

Continuing with the top five arguments against God, Ron the realist offers this second jewel: "Inconsistencies with religions. The only consistent claim is that they are all the one truth." While it is true that Christianity is offered as the truth (see John 14:6), not all religious claims are the same. Some worldviews posit that truth cannot be know or that there are multiple truths. Christianity's truth claim was made by Jesus (John 14:6) and his followers (Acts 4:12). The truth claims of Christianity primarily deal with the path of salvation, in that, salvation is only found in the person of Jesus Christ.

What Ron fails to realize is that Christianity or any worldview can be tested to see if the claims that are put forth match with reality, or they don't. Those views that do not correspond with reality can be discounted as false views. His second great argument turns out to be no argument whatsoever. In fact, his argument contradicts his own view. He is trying to argue that you can't claim exclusive truth, when the heading of his article is, "The top five reasons to believe that God does not exist." In other words, Ron is making a truth claim himself while implying in his second argument that no truth claims can be made.

Ron's second argument turns out to be self-refuting and does nothing to help his cause. So far, Ron's first two arguments are no arguments at all and no valid reason has been given to show the non-existence of God. That's two pitches and two strikes Ron. It makes me wonder if Ron is being truthful in calling himself the realist?

* Houston Chronicle, Belief section, June 26, 2009

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