Saturday, October 31, 2009

Arguments against God - 5

The last and final argument from Ron the realist is, "There's no good physical evidence for god's existence." Well, what if God is not physical as descried in the bible (John 4:24, Acts 17:24)? Ron's problem is that he is not able to follow the evidence wherever it leads. He rejects the possibility of the supernatural a priori, because his mind is made up that only the natural world exists.

If the supernatural exists, which Ron denies, then he is in no position to find the answer to truth, because of his flat out denial of the supernatural. It is interesting that the bible describes that God can be discovered through natural revelation (Psalm 19:1-2, Romans 1:20). And, if this God, who is a spirit, exist, then it is perfectly logical to explain how the created order came to be.

We know the universe started with a big bang, but it would be impossible for the created order to come from nothing. Things don't just pop into existence. God is described as an eternal, non-material being. It is therefore, logical to believe that the universe is the product of this uncaused causer of all. Until someone is willing to forgo preconceived assumptions, like Ron's belief that the physical is all their is, then they will never be able to consider all the possible evidence in order to arrive at the best conclusion. Ron and other naturalist simply do not want the truth, because as the famous movie line goes, they "can't handle the truth."

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