Friday, March 25, 2011


The following is a blog post from my daughter.  Although it is not specifically related to apologetics, I wanted to share it here.  Of course, I'm proud of my daughter and love her very much.  As you can see she loves Justin Bieber.  Here is the start of her story and if you click on the link, you can finish the story on her blog.


Miracles  by Alyssa Cade

            Holly Ann woke to a terrifying shout.  Tears ran down her face as soon as she heard it, but she didn’t make a sound.  It wasn’t because she had been awaken and it wasn’t because she thought that someone was hurt; it was because she was scared.  Of course she knew exactly what the shout was from, but she liked to tell herself that it wasn’t what it really was. 
            Holly Ann jumped out of bed and slipped on her slippers.  She climbed upstairs and grabbed a bagel.  She had to get breakfast herself lately, and in fact, she really was doing most everything on her own.  She was waking herself up for school, which wasn’t entirely hard with all the shouting, getting ready for school and since she didn’t know how to use the washer and her mom hadn’t done the laundry lately, she had to reuse some of her dirty clothes, and of course, walking three blocks to get to school.
            But today was Sunday.  Holly Ann missed the days when she and her family went straight to church on Sunday, but they hadn’t gone since the year before.  She knew for sure that today wasn’t the day her parents would come to her and say they were going back to church.
            Holly Ann finished up her bagel and hopped on the counter to get a glass of water.  Then she heard a louder scream and a howler.  Next came a crash, or maybe it was more like a shatter.  There was loud cry that she could hear and then a boom sounded.  She suddenly didn’t want a glass of water.  All she wanted was to get away from the screams.  She slowly slipped off the counter and headed towards the back door, down the hallway.
            Suddenly she stopped in her tracks and paused to stare at the family pictures hanging up on the hallway wall.  It was only about a year ago when she was just seven.  They looked happy, the whole family.  Her mom was smiling with a sparkle in her eye, her dad looked like he was laughing.  And she looked like she had just got back from Disneyland.  She longed for those days when her family was all happy together and there were no fights and arguments.
To finish the story click here.

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