Monday, August 9, 2010

The Chinese Buffet Christian

Living in a small town has its advantages and disadvantages. Recently, I traveled back home to Houston for a visit, which is considerably larger that the town I live in presently. One of the advantages of a big town are the many restaurants. While in Houston, I was able to visit a large Chinese buffet restaurant and I couldn't believe the choices. That one restaurant had more choices of food than the entire town that I live in.

Today's Christian culture is much like the Chinese buffet. There are too many so called Christians who simply pick and choose what they want to believe. They will take a little bit of heaven, but leave the hell verses of the Bible alone. They will take a little bit of tolerance, but disregard the passage where Jesus told the adulterous woman to, "sin on more (John 8:11)."

Christian scholar, J.P. Moreland refers to these individuals by saying they take a smorgasbord approach. This is exactly what author Anne Rice did recently. [1] According to Rice, "she refuses to be "anti-gay ... anti-feminist", and has left Christianity. The main problem with Rice's approach concerns her rejection of God's inspired word. Rice does not have a problem with Christianity, but with God. She fails to recognize that sin is our problem in life and that God is not dependent on us, but we are dependent upon His holiness and mercy.

What if the Chinese Buffet in Houston had a million choices that had food filled with poison, but only one choice that was actually good for your body? Wouldn't you want to know which food was safe to eat? A Christian is someone who takes the Bible as God's inspired word. Man was created in God's image, not the opposite. The Chinese buffet Christian wrongly assumes that we are God, and that we know what is best. Be careful what you consume.

[1] Anne Rice's rejection of Christianity

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