Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Testing 1,2,3

A recent article has entertained the thought that quantum physics may have discovered the mechanism of time travel and the existence of parallel universes. The article also mentions the possibility of multiple universes. The idea of multiple universes is not that new. This idea started to emerge after the almost universal acceptance of the Big Bang creation of the universe, but why?

I believe one of the chief reasons for the multi-verse hypothesis is to facilitate unlimited natural chances of trial and error through which life could spring. In other words, the Big Bang coupled with the fine-tuning of the universe delivered a huge blow to the atheistic metaphysical view that everything is just one big cosmic accident. The fine-tuning of the universe and the Big Bang has led many scientist to conclude that the universe must have had a Divine Designer. Consider this quote by astrophysicist, Paul Davies, "There is for me powerful evidence that there is something going on behind it all...It seems as though somebody has fine-tuned nature's numbers to make the Universe...The impression of design is overwhelming."[1]

In considering the multi-verse view, it should be noted that this is purely a philosophical view that can never be tested. "Sean Carroll, a physicist at the California Institute of Technology and a popular author, accepts the scientific basis for the multi-verse -- even if it cannot be proven."[2]

There are problems that exist with the multi-universe view. Problem #1 has already been mentioned; there is no way to prove a multi-verse. The multi-verse hypothesis, I believe, has been put forth to avoid the view that perhaps the universe was designed by a Divine Being. Problem #2 doesn't answer the question of where the first universe came from. There must have been a start. From nothing, nothing comes, so the muti-verse hypothesis dodges the question of origins. Problem #3 deals with the philosophical leap of faith that one must take to believe that the multi-verse is in fact viable.

I believe the philosophical ramifications are exactly why this multi-universe hypothesis was given in the first place. It seems that some will not even consider the possibility of any Supernatural Being or event, but instead are bent to look at only naturalistic explanations. If this is the case, then truth itself is being compromised. In considering any explanation, the evidence needs to be weighed carefully to discern which explanation has the best explanatory power. It is my belief that Christian Theism offers the best explanation to not only the start of the universe, but to why we are here at all. The New Testament, and Christianity encourages testing as stated in first Thessalonians by saying "Test everything." Even though the multi-universe cannot be tested, it can still be weighed as evidence. The evidence, however, for a naturalistic, random, and blind creation of everything simple does not bear the credible weight of truth to tip the scales in its favor.

[1] Davies, Paul, The Cosmic Blueprint: New Discoveries In Nature's Creative Ability To Order The Universe, p. 203
[2]Brandon, John, Freaky Physics Proves Parallel Universes Exist, Accessed on line from Fox News on 6, April, 2010
* A good article explaining how evidence is weighed.
* Quotes from scientists who see Divine design in the universe.

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K. Turner said...

It puzzles me how some people will pound their fists to the word of the shortest scientific article they can find. They blindly follow the reasoning of other humans; while the truth is so readily available. How can people trust in total strangers, and yet deny the Friend who deserves it? I just can’t understand it. I think atheists have just as much faith as us believers; they just put their faith in the thoughts of others. Someone, Something, or Somebody had to design it all. Anybody willing to recognize the unattainable odds can not argue with the amazing truth. If the theory, that everything came from nothing, had any merit, somebody should have a ridiculous thesis on it. Who knows, maybe there is one. But, if they do come up with some “Band-Aid” to keep their fa├žade going, who created the law that made it possible? You will not find that answer in a microscope. Everything follows universal laws, unchanging laws, laws that were created. I recognize and agree with the factual evidence of the Big Bang theory; they just left out the part where He put His fist down to make the bang. Without Him, none of it would exist!