Friday, March 12, 2010

Health Care or Life Care?

The health care debate has reached a new level with abortion coming to the forefront. The two sides involved in the debate refer to themselves as pro-choice (supporting abortion) and pro-life (against abortion). It is interesting that the pro-life stance is often referred to as anti-choice or anti-abortion. The pro-choice group often brings up the point that abortion is legal, as if this is the magic word that makes everything moraly right. It needs to be pointed out that slavery was once considered legal as well.

The real issue that is never discussed by the media is that of life. For if life starts at conception, then the debate is over. In reality the pro-choice group must view a fetus as non-life up until a certain point, depending on who you talk to. This point is clear in a recent comment by House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, who said in a interview:"I don't think that he himself would be one to say 'I'm taking down health care reform because of [abortion].'" Pelosi is saying one of two things: either she is calling Congressman Stupak out, who is a known conservative Catholic, trying to embarrass him, or she is saying that health care is more important than a stance on abortion.

It should be clear to all that health care would have already passed had not Congressman Stupak (and others) seen a problem with the funding of abortion. Here is the issue at heart, Stupak and many others view life as starting at conception, and the aborting of any fetus after that point is the taking of an innocent life. This is why the bill is hung up at present. Why is everyone trying to avoid the life question? Why are many writing off Stupak and others while failing to address the question at hand? Could it be that a fair and open debate on when life starts would raise questions against the pro-choice position? Is the pro-choice group being morally arrogant assuming that a fetus is not deserving of life?

The answers to the questions are clear. Anyone willing to look at the issue objectively will see that this is not about pro-choice, but about the question of when life starts. The pro-choice group has never been willing to address the life issue, so what we have now is not a health care debate, but one of life care.

* Check out the powerpoint on abortion dealing with the ethical/moral, scientific, and philosphical issues. The powerpoint is found at the top right corner.

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