Thursday, December 3, 2009

The moral claim of the new atheist

The last point in John Haught's book, God and the New Atheism is:"Morality does not require belief in God. People behave better without faith than with it." Again, as covered in the previous post, atheism has no way to measure morality without the existence of God, therefore, they have no right in claiming moral superiority over those who would call themselves Christian. Also, as mentioned earlier, atheism presents a much more troubling world if the philosophical outworking of atheism are followed through to their logical end. Stalin, Mao, and Hitler are just three names by which atheism has left its brutal and horrific mark on the last century.

The "new atheist" presents nothing new except a more blatant hatred toward anyone who would call herself religious. The "new atheist" are getting a free pass in our society by the secular media and it is now the Christian view that is not tolerated. When the "new atheist" claims that they are morally superior in their beliefs, the statement or claim is purely subjective. When all is said and done, the "new atheist" offer nothing new, but only the dreadful outlook of gloom and hopelessness in an indifferent world passing through the darkness of space.

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