Monday, November 23, 2009

No meaning, no purpose, and no hope

The third point of the "new atheist," according to John Haught1 is: "The universe has no purpose or meaning." It is true that, without God the universe is without purpose or meaning. I would also add that this life is without hope on the atheistic worldview.

What I find puzzling is the passion of the "new atheist" in wanting to spread this message. First, it seems they (new atheist) are trying to give meaning to their view by saying that it has no meaning . Why give meaning to meaninglessness? It seems to be a contradictory view. Second, the message being promoted does nothing to further the condition of humankind in a morally responsive way. I am not denying that atheists can't be moral, but am saying that a message of purposelessness and meaninglessness is one that has the potential to bring not only disorder, but untold terror.2 When man is supreme without any moral grounding, then why should we even consider the good of others? Good is, in fact, an obsolete term on an atheistic worldview. On a purely Darwinistic view, survival of the fittest becomes the only guiding force for moral values and decisions.

The "new atheist" are correct about meaning and purpose without God in the picture, but trying to force this position on others will only cause the degradation of society.3 If this view ever becomes the dominant view, you can count on two things, the world will truly be without hope and a scary world filled with unimagined terror will ensue.

John Haught, God and the New Atheism, Introduction pages xiii-xiv
2 Good article dealing with the logical moral outcomes of atheism:

3 Great story by Nietzsche depicting the condition of man without God:

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