Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Exclusive truth

Robert Wright, the author of The Evolution of God claims in an interview that individuals who claim an exclusive view of salvation must forfeit this view in order to lessen friction. He claims that society would be made better if individuals would give up their exclusive views. He states that God would not be concerned if individuals gave up exclusive views.

In essence, Wright is arguing for two points: truth and tolerance. I will argue for exclusive truth in this blog. First, it must be noted that truth by its very nature is exclusive. For you can't have two truths as this would violate the law of the excluded middle. Secondly, it seems that Wright wants to have his cake and eat it too. He, himself, claims that individuals should give up exclusive views of salvation, but he does so by making an exclusive truth claim. He is essentially claiming that truth is found only in non-exclusive truth claims, and in turn, he becomes the one who is exclusive.

Wright cannot get away for the fact that truth by its nature is exclusive. You can run from truth, but you can't hide. He might do better by trying to claim one worldview over another, but by relativising truth he only locks himself in his own cage.

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