Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The flood of Noah (part 6)

One of the passages commonly referred to concerning the flood of Noah is Psalms 104. The passage reads: "5 He set the earth on its foundations; it can never be moved.6 You covered it with the deep as with a garment; the waters stood above the mountains.7 But at your rebuke the waters fled, at the sound of your thunder they took to flight;8 they flowed over the mountains, they went down into the valleys, to the place you assigned for them.9 You set a boundary they cannot cross; never again will they cover the earth."

For those who espouse a global catastrophic view, these verses directly tie into the flood of Noah. However, a local or regional interpretation would see these verses as pertaining to the creation story and having nothing to do with Noah's flood. For example, the earth being completely covered with water would refer to Genesis 1:6. The mountains forming in the Psalms passage would refer to Genesis 1:9. If this is in reference to the creation account, the flood must have been local or regional since the reference is made in the passage that the waters would never again cover the earth.

In the coming posts, I will examine the scientific evidence of Noah's flood.

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